Rear Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Repair Parts Kit Fits Harley Davidson 0107-114

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  • Contains one (1) Rear Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Repair Parts Kit
  • Made in Japan of the highest quality materials
  • Original Fit - Designed and manufactured to work perfectly with your vehicle
  • Need Help? - Message us before purchase if you are unsure about the item fitting your vehicle

Compatible with Harley Davidson part numbers:
42382-82A; 42382-82B
Compatible with Harley Davidson models/years:
1987 FXLR ELLH FXR Low Rider Custom
1982 FXR EAKC FXR Super Glide II
1983 FXR EAKD FXR Super Glide II
1986 FXR EALG FXR Super Glide
1987 FXR EALH FXR Super Glide
1985 FXRC EJLF FXR Custom
1986 FXRC EJLG FXR Custom
1987 FXRC ELJH FXR Custom
1986 FXRD EHLG FXR Touring
1984 FXRDG ELLE FXR Touring
1984 FXRP EFLE Police Low Rider
1985 FXRP EFLF Police Low Rider
1986 FXRP EFLG Police Low Rider
1987 FXRP EFLH Police Low Rider
1988 FXRP EFLJ Police Low Rider
1989 FXRP EFLK Police Low Rider
1990 FXRP EFLL Police Low Rider
1982 FXRS EBKC FXR Low Glide
1983 FXRS EBKD FXR Low Glide
1984 FXRS EBLE FXR Low Glide
1985 FXRS EBLF FXR Low Glide
1986 FXRS EBLG FXR Low Glide
1987 FXRS EBLH FXR Low Glide
1983 FXRT ECKD FXR Touring
1984 FXRT ECLE FXR Touring
1985 FXRT ECLF FXR Touring
1986 FXRT ECLG FXR Touring
1987 FXRT ECLH FXR Touring

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