JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Screwdriver 3-Piece Set JIS No. #1, 2, 3 Cross Point Soft Grip Rubber Handle Made in Japan Large Medium Small Full Tang Solid Shaft 0159-101/102/103

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  • Contains JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Screwdriver Set with Magnetic shaft
  • Made in Japan of the highest quality materials

Sizes included:
Small JIS #1 8 inch/200 mm total length
Medium JIS #2 9 inch/230 mm total length
Large JIS #3 11 inch/280 mm total length

Perfect for vintage and modern Japanese motorcycles, ATVs, and Scooters. Helps with hard to remove fasteners. These do not slip out or "cam out".

Great for small JIS screws for RC Helicopters, Japanese cameras, and more. JIS screws are often marked by a single dimple pressed into the screw head.

Most "JIS" advertised screwdrivers sold today are made to a new standard: DIN 5260 which is middle-ground between Phillips and JIS. With old rusty screws that are hard to remove, the middle ground will not cut it.

If you frequently work with Japanese or JIS screws consider investing in proper JIS screwdrivers that are built to the correct Japanese Industrial Standards (B 4633).

JIS is a standard so a screwdriver needs to be made to that exact standard to be considered authentically JIS.

Phillips screws by design were created to cam-out. JIS drivers are re-engineered standards that aim to reduce or eliminate cam-out.

Even though the JIS & Phillips looks very similar, they are two different designs and the drivers are not meant to be interchangeable. Using one in the other will lead to frustration and stripped out screws.

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