JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) (8) Screwdriver Impact Bits + 3/8 Inch Socket Adapter #2#3 Standard & Long 1/4 Inch 0059-004/007

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  • Contains (8) bits total: (2) #2 size 25mm, (2) 75mm long, (2) #3 size 25mm, (2) 75mm long and (1) 3/8 Inch Drive 1/4 inch Bit Holder
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Screwdriver Impact Bits and Socket
  • Made of S2 Steel
  • Hardened and Magnetic
  • Excel with vintage machines with hard to remove fasteners. These do not slip out.

Bits are made of durable S2 steel. These will be the only set of JIS driver bits you will ever need. JIS screws are used by most manufacturers of motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV, UTV, 3-Wheelers, PWC'S and a ton of other products made in Japan. Most "JIS" advertised screwdrivers sold today are made to a new standard: DIN 5260 which is middle-ground between Phillips and JIS. If using the right tool for the job is important to you or if you frequently work with Japanese or JIS screws consider investing in proper JIS screwdriver bits that are built to the correct Japanese Industrial Standards (B 4633). There are the real JIS and the not-so-real JIS screwdrivers. Remember JIS is a standard so a screwdriver needs to be made to that exact standard to be considered authentically JIS. Most JIS advertised screwdrivers sold today are actually conforming to a new standard DIN 5260 which is identical (at the tip) to the newer ISO 8764-1. Phillips screws by design were created to cam-out. JIS drivers are re-engineered standards that aim to reduce or eliminate cam-out. Even though the JIS & Phillips look very similar, they are two different designs. JIS drivers are compatible with JIS and Phillips screws while using Phillips drivers in JIS screws can lead to frustration and stripped-out screws.

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