Front Single Fork Tube Rebuild Repair Parts Kit Fits Honda Kawasaki Yamaha 0109-200

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  • Contains one (1) Front Fork Damper Oil Seal and Wiper Kit
  • Made in Japan of the highest quality materials
  • Original Fit - Designed and manufactured to work perfectly with your vehicle
  • This kit will only rebuild one (1) fork. If you need to rebuild both forks you will need to purchase two (2) rebuild kits.
  • Need Help? - Message us before purchase if you are unsure about the item fitting your vehicle

Fork Seal Dimensions:
43mm x 55mm x 9.5/10mm
This item will fit the following models/years:

1994-1996 CR125R
1995 CR250R
1995 CR500R
1991 YZ250 (YZ250B1)
1991-1997 WR250Z
1992-1993 WR500Z
1991-1995 YZ125
1992-1995 YZ250
1991-1992 KDX250-D KDX250
1993-1994 KDX250-D KDX250
1994-1996 KLX250 KLX250R
2006-2010/2012-2014 KLX250S
2009-2010 KLX250
1997-2007 KLX300
1993-1995 KLX650-A
1993-1996 KLX650-C
1996 KLX650-D1 KLX650R
1991-1995 KX125
1991-1995 KX250
1991-1996 KX500
Compatible with Kawasaki part numbers:
Bushing: 92028-1581; 92028-1670
Oil Seal: 92049-1373
Snap Ring: 92033-1077
Outer Tube Seal: 92093-1315; 92093-1342
Inner Pipe Piston:
Compatible with Yamaha part numbers:
Front Fork Piston: 3XJ-23171-L0-00; 5EB-23171-00-00
Metal Slide 1: 3XJ-23125-L0-00; 5EB-23125-00-00; 4EW-23125-L0-00
Oil Seal: 3XJ-23145-L0-00
Snap Ring: 4V4-23153-L0-00
Inner Pipe Piston: 3XJ-23144-L0-00; 4DA-23144-L0-00
Compatible with Honda part numbers:
Slide Bushing: 51415-KZ4-711; 51415-KZ4-712
Guide Bushing: 51414-KZ4-711
Stop Ring: 51447-KZ4-711
Seal Set: 51490-KZ4-305