Front Single Fork Tube Fits Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha 0109-203

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  • Contains one (1) Front Fork Damper Oil Seal and Wiper Kit
  • Made in Japan of the highest quality materials
  • Original Fit - Designed and manufactured to work perfectly with your vehicle
  • This kit will only rebuild one (1) fork. If you need to rebuild both forks you will need to purchase two (2) rebuild kits.
  • Need Help? - Buying the wrong item is frustrating. If you are unsure about this item fitting your vehicle, please message us before purchase and we will do our best to make sure you get the items you need.

Fork Seal Dimensions:
43mm x 55mm x 9.5/10mm
This item will fit the following models/years:
1989 ZX750-H1 NINJA ZX-7
1990 ZX750-H2 NINJA ZX-7
1990 ZX1100-C1 NINJA ZX-11
1991 ZX1100-C2 NINJA ZX-11
1992 ZX1100-C3 NINJA ZX-11
1993 ZX1100-C4 NINJA ZX-11
1993 ZX1100-D1 NINJA ZX-11
1994 ZX1100-D2 NINJA ZX-11
1995 ZX1100-D3 NINJA ZX-11
1996 ZX1100-D4 NINJA ZX-11
1997 ZX1100-D5 NINJA ZX-11
1998 ZX1100-D6 NINJA ZX-11
1999 ZX1100-D7 NINJA ZX-11
2000 ZX1100-D8 NINJA ZX-11
2001 ZX1100-D9 NINJA ZX-11
1992 ZR1100-A1 ZR1100
1993 ZR1100-A2 ZR1100
1994 ZR1100-A3 ZR1100
1995 ZR1100-A4 ZR1100
1991-1993 GSX1100G
1989-1990 GSX-R1100
1995-1998 GSX-R1100W
1997-2001 TL1000S
1989-1990 FZR1000
1993-1998 VMX1200 V-MAX
Compatible with the following part numbers:
Inner Pipe Piston: 44018-1053; 44018-1056
Dust Seal: 92093-1285; 92093-1330
Snap Ring: 92033-1077
Oil Seal: 92049-1342; 92049-1392
Bushing: 92028-1553; 92028-1581
Piston: 51121-40C00
Metal Slide: 51167-40C00; 51167-02F00
Oil Seal: 51153-40C00; 51153-46E20
Dust Seal: 51171-40C00; 51173-46E20
Snap Ring: 51156-14200
Piston: 3XJ-23171-L0-00; 5EB-23171-00-00
Dust Seal: 3GM-23144-00-00; 4PU-23144-00-00
Snap Ring: 4V4-23153-L0-00
Oil Seal: 3GM-23145-00-00; 4PU-23145-01-00
Metal Slide:: 3XJ-23125-L0-00; 5EB-23125-00-00

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