Rubber Softener Solution 6 oz Bottle 0035-006

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  • Contains one (1) Bottle of 6-ounce Rubber Softener Solution
  •  Makes any hard rubber soft and like new again

We have discovered a game-changing solution that effectively rejuvenates any rubber item that has become stiff and unusable over time. Our product has been enthusiastically received by the Powersports Industry, where we have seen phenomenal results for Motorcycle, ATV, and UTV parts. Our satisfied customers have also used it successfully on a diverse range of rubber items, including Bushings & Grommets, Carburetor & Air Intake Boots, Footpeg & Hand Grips, Fork Suspension Dust Covers, Formed Rubber Vacuum, Fuel, and Oil Hoses

Additional uses: 
Record Player/Turntable & Tape Recorder Reel Idler Wheels
Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Player Idler Drive Wheels
RC Cars Tire Traction Compound
Slot Cars Tire Saver
VHS, VCR, Beta Max, VTR Tape Player Recorder Idler Wheel
Vulcanized Rubber Jewelry Molds
Victrola Exhibition No. 2 Victor Reproducer Gaskets
Typewriter Platen Feed Bail Finger Rollers

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